Business grit

Lessons from the Trenches



     Hey everyone, Mike Farrell here. I want to start by saying, this isn't about me, its about the gritty entrepreneurs who are passionate about succeeding. Those of you who are in the middle of this thing called business, may be wondering if you are alone or if other entrepreneurs are struggling with the same things. I'm here to tell you that that I have struggled in my journey and that your problems are not unique!


    I began my entrepreneurial journey in 2008. Starting with nothing but a wheel barrow a push mower and a couple of hand tools, I've grown my landscaping company into a multi-million dollar company and along the way, I've become a partner in other business ventures.

     Sounds like a typical success story? No way. I've learned some tough lessons. Heck, I continue to learn them daily! My goal is to be relatable and real with you about the real struggles of a small business owner. I wish I hadn't had to learn some of these lessons the hard way. I'm committed to saving you the heartache.


    Here is why Business Grit is unique. I'm sharing all this from the trenches. I'm not faking my passion or struggles I'm giving you relevant tools and tactics that have worked (recently) and are working (now).


     It's not just lessons from me, though; you are getting lessons from other top successful GRITTY entrepreneurs who are trudging through the trenches of their own businesses. I'm providing a platform for entrepreneurs to get real so you YOU can be inspired and pick up some golden tips to crush your adversity!


     If you own a small business, quit acting like you don't struggle with your team, money, sales, processes, legal stuff, strategy, whatever! Business is tough! I'm committed to helping you.


     I can't wait to connect with you, seriously, send me a message through facebook, Instagram or this contact page. I want to know what you are struggling with so I can help you win at business!